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 Deeds Compliance

Documents submitted for registration in the Registry of Deeds must meet current legislation requirements. All documents must be originals and:

  • Ensure the document is signed and properly witnessed
  • Ensure required affidavits are attached
  • Attach an accurate, identifiable, written description of the property outlining the community and boundaries
  • Have the proper fee for registration of that deed or document.
  • Cheques should be made payable to Newfoundland Exchequer
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 Calculate Registration Fee
The Registrar shall not register an instrument unless the proper fee is first paid.

The maximum fee to register a mortgage or charge on property is $5,000.

A fee is not payable on the registration of an instrument registered by or on behalf of the Crown or on behalf of a non-profit airport authority, with respect to property transferred to it under the National Airport Policy.

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