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 Registry of Companies 
  • What's included in the Registry of Companies?
    Registry of Companies Online Options:

  • Search Registry of Companies
  •        Check the availability of a Company Name, view current information about a Company or obtain a Certificate of Good Standing.
  • Name Reservation Requests
  •        Submit a request to Reserve a Company Name, check the status of an existing Name Reservation or Re-Reserve a current Name Reservation.
  • File Articles of Incorporation
  •        File Articles of Incorporation online for new Local Companies With Share Capital or Without Share Capital, continue with a previous application for Incorporation or check the status of your application for Incorporation.
  • File Documents for Companies
  •        Depending on the type of company, and its current status you may be able to file an Annual Return, Notice of Registered Office and/or Notice of Directors.  Companies that have annual returns owing, for the past 3 years and have no outstanding issues or fees owing, will be able to bring their annual returns up to date.

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