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 Articles Of Incorporation 

This application gives users the ability to file Articles of Incorporation for local Newfoundland and Labrador companies online. Either a For Profit (with share capital) or Not For Profit (without share capital) company can be filed. Please note that an online name reservation request must first be approved prior to filing Articles of Incorporation for a named corporation. A numbered corporation, which applies to a with share capital incorporation only, does not go through the name reservation process. A number for the corporation will be system generated in sequence upon approval of the Articles by the Registrar.

If a director has 'Landed Immigrant' status then you will not be able to file online. You must send the originally completed paper version of the Articles of Incorporation forms to the Registry of Companies together with supporting documents and applicable fee.

At any time during the incorporation process, the data entered can be saved and returned to anytime in the following 7 days. After the 7 day period, the partial incorporation will be automatically deleted from the system. If an incorporation is saved to be completed in the future, it can be accessed by clicking on the "Continue Previous Application / Check Status" button on the bottom of this page.

At any time during the 30 day period after you have submitted your application and completed a successful credit card payment, you may check the status of your application by clicking on the "Continue Previous Application /  Check Status" button below.

Clicking the "Cancel" button during any stage of the process will delete any data that has been entered.

Note: It is important to:

  • Use the navigational buttons supplied on the screens versus the navigation buttons on your browser's toolbar (Back, Forward, etc.) to prevent errors.
  • Not let a screen be idle for more than 15 minutes to prevent errors from potentially occurring. Use the Save for Later feature and return when you are ready to proceed.
  • Remember that the Access Code you receive when you are filing the Articles of Incorporation will be a different Access Code you may have received if you submitted a Name Reservation.


Payment may be made with a valid Visa or Mastercard credit card or Pre-Authorized Debit

Cost of filing Articles of Incorporation (with share capital) - $

Cost of filing Articles of Incorporation (without share capital) - $

Please click on one of the following buttons to begin, continue or check the status of your filing:

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