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Notice: Please click here for information regarding an issue that impacted the Deeds Advanced Search functionality.
  • What's included in the Registry of Deeds?
  • How to Search the Registry of Deeds

  • Compliance and Registration Fee Calculation Information

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    Please Note: Companies and Deeds Online (CADO) offers access to index information for deeds registrations that have occurred since 1980 and viewing of associated documents back to 1982. Prior registrations (back to 1825) currently exist in paper format only and can only be accessed from our 59 Elizabeth Ave., St. John’s location.

    Search Fees: There will be a $5 charge incurred to view search results summary from your deeds search query. Should you wish to view details on either one of the search results a separate $5 charge will be incurred for each search result that you click. Online payment is by Visa or MasterCard.

  • Basic Deeds Search
  •        Search the Registry of Deeds using a standard set of the most common fields.
  • Advanced Deeds Search
  •        Perform more complex searches using a combination of fields. The user will have access to more fields than the Basic Search and will be able to create their own search string.
  • Deeds Abbreviation Search
  •        Search for the abbreviated names of companies that were used in the old VAX system prior to the CADO implementation.
    Registering New Deeds
  • Deeds Registration
  •        Access registration details and forms for registering Deeds documents.

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